Get ready to jump in the deep end...

Join us for a three-day, intensive, hands-on introduction to the latest concepts in fostering innovation, radical collaboration, and human-centered design thinking by working on a real problem that matters to Knoxville.  The curriculum is based on the same learning approach and design thinking process used at Stanford’s in silicon valley.




Anyone can benefit from the training experience at KIB, however, we think it's particularly impactful for people in the following roles:

  • Marketing, R&D, market research colleagues that are responsible for driving innovation.
  • Executives and managers responsible for leading innovation and change at their organization.
  • Entrepreneurs that need to develop and refine new opportunities.
  • People who want to learn and do design thinking.


  • Design Thinking tools that you can apply to your own company to drive innovation.
  • How to deeply understand customer motivation, wants, needs and feelings.
  • How to reframe innovation opportunities based on the emotional needs of your customer.
  • How low fidelity prototyping can quickly and inexpensively tests many possible solutions.
  • How to practice radical collaboration within a diverse group.
  • How to engage others in your company to use design thinking to drive innovation

Meet the Instructors


jay morgan 

Jay is founding colleague at Pedal, a firm that uses human-centered design to make the world a better place in business, education and community.  Jay is also a founding colleague in SixEight Ventures, an impact investing firm that is reshaping the meaning of capitalism.  Trained as a chemist, he spent 15 years leading innovation and product development for Merck and Bayer.  He is a driver of growth that combines deep consumer empathy, imagination and product development know-how to produce unexpectedly delightful user experiences.  

Jay has a professional career that has delivered timely growth for a wide range of consumer brands such as Claritin, Aleve, Afrin, Coppertone, Dr. Scholl’s, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline. 

jcouch-sq (1).jpg

justin couch

Justin is a designer of experiences, bringing magical moments to life using a combination of technology, design, and wizardry. He blends physical and digital components into delightful and insightful interactive experiences. He is currently the Senior Creative Technologist at Continuum, one of the premiere design agencies in the country, located in Boston, MA. There he is a part of the Made Real Lab and involved in creating digital prototypes of all fidelities, from smartphone apps to mock-ups of surgical theaters. Before that, he was Senior Technologist at Tellart in Providence, RI creating museum exhibits and marketing spectacles (robots printing Twitter handles on surfboards and 8 foot long coffee machines, for example).

He has a Bachelor’s of Industrial Design from Georgia Tech and a Masters of Industrial Design from RISD. He’s married and has two lovely girls.

unnamed (2).jpg

aaron white

Aaron has spent the last decade using human centered design to create user-focussed experiences and products across the globe.  While living in Ethiopia for nearly 10 years, Aaron led a team of creative designers, ethnographers, and innovators to design flat-pack refugee housing with Ikea, innovations in coffee harvesting with Nescafe, and new ways of educating and empowering young women with the UN.

Aaron is currently serving as Design Innovation Strategist for the Center for Creative Leadership, a world renowned research and training institution focussed on leadership development. As a designer and facilitator, he works collaboratively with large companies to create a culture of innovation leadership where new ideas can take root. 

Why Design Thinking?

Why Design Thinking?


DATE: Wednesday, Sep 5th - Friday, Sep 7th

TIME: 8am-5pm

WHERE: Pedal Studio 902 N Central Ave Knoxville, TN 37917

COST: $1500 for 1st participant, contact us for group (2 or more) discounts.

DRESS: Business casual, please wear good shoes for walking

MEALS: Coffee, lunch, snacks provided



Pedal Studio

902 N Central Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917